Sirpico really need no introduction around these parts, they have been gigging for quite a while now and gained themselves a good local following. They are a band that really put in maximum effort and deliver the results virtually every time. They have recently released their debut LP “To Be Frank” and with their creative momentum still strong they have already started putting together new songs for the next release.

Sirpico 12

Tonight, many of these new songs have made it into their set. The first is a corker called “Without You”, the next is a really addictive number about frustration called “People”. The band combine traditional rock methods with Al’s considerable skill on the piano and a voice that is constantly faultless throughout. Dan’s guitar work is top notch and he is bringing in some lovely new sounds within the new material.

We are treated to a debut of a brand new never before played song called “Jamie Lee”; which is all about a teenage crush on the actress Jamie Lee Curtis (who you may remember from the Halloween series of films and True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger). The band perform like a well-oiled machine with each of them making up the perfect ingredients for tonightís top class performance. The band try to leave the stage and get begged to return by the enthusiastic audience. The leave us with the sound of their cover of Rage against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name Of” ringing in our ears.

Dave Chinery, Rock Regeneration

Sirpico as always take to the stage like they were born to be there. Effortless, powerful, charismatic and engaging. New track ‘Jenny Lee’ tries out its legs on the Winchester crowd for the first time and possibly steals the show, it takes the sum of everything that is truly great about this band, all their influences, passions and skillsets and melds them together in almost the perfect fit, definitely looking forward to hearing it again, a beautiful culmination of the talent displayed trough out the rest of the set. This is a band that draws from a rough and ready roster of inspiration and merges it into something entirely unique. Whilst the vocals reach out and grab you by the balls, the honky tonk piano smoothes your hair down and tells you not to worry before the drums start slapping you repeatedly around the chops as the guitar tickles you from behind. It can be a confusing experience, the influence base is definitely wide and varied but they merge it together into a sound that is their own and somehow totally engaging. On certain tracks the bass struts in others it languishes in the background a little, call us heathen but ‘Jenny Lee’ is a prime example of how well the bass can work for this band and it’s a little hidden under the keys at times but completely sells the sound when it comes through. This is a fantastic local band going from strength to strength and they never disappoint live, if you haven’t already check them out, we’ll definitely be at the next show.

Matt Miles, Yack Magazine